A New Kind of Permanence

“Detroit Punk City”

With scene classics and unreleased surprises, this set focusing on Detroit in era after protopunk but before the hardcore is like finding a garage stocked with Motor City muscle cars ready to roar.

Hold Fast is proud to present a 2-LP 180 gram vinyl 29 track set “End of the Night (1976-1983)”

Get In – Take the Ride!

“…And Still Punching Clowns!”

Satori Circus is an artist who will connect with you on so many levels you’ll wake up days later with songs in your head, feelings in your heart & something in your shoe.

Discover with Detroit has known for 30 years!

Hold Fast is proud to present the debut 7 inch from Satori Circus – “Ramblings to Myself #1” b/w “I Got Friends”!

Get Hip! 

“Earned the Hard Way”

Devious Ones is a band chocked full of so much power pop/punk rock talent you’d be forgiven for thinking its some sort of cunning trick.
But, seriously, it’s not a ruse – the proof is in the platter.

Hold Fast is proud to present the debut LP from Devious Ones – “Plainview Nights”!


“Criminal Sounds from Motown!”

Hold Fast Vinyl is honored to present “Evidence Kit #1”.

This special limited edition sonic sampler collects all the 7 inch releases currently “under investigation” worldwide.

“Hellfire in High Heels!”

Sinister jazz and hot flesh merge when you shake your derriere to tease & please.

Hold Fast is proud to present the latest limited release from The Theatre Bizarre Orchestra – “Dance with The Devil!”

“The Emperor Has No Clothes!”

A wise man once said, “speaking truth to power, with a smile, is the greatest gift to humanity.”

In this case, one of our innovative artists is saying it to benefit womanhood – our mothers, sisters, daughters, wives, lovers, and friends.

To honor our freedoms, Hold Fast is proud to present the latest special limited release, a charity single, from the Aston Neighborhood Pleasure Club featuring David J “The Emperor’s New Clothes” b/w “My Girl’s Pussy”

“Let the Ritual Commence!”

Metal is tricky thing. Since the creation of the genre, sonic heroes have guided us through the dirtier, darker, angrier aspects of humanity and the pretenders to the throne have only to come up short, and foolishly so. Meanwhile, Her Dark Host brings not only a primal, urgent sound, but one that is howling and crawling up from the charred corners of humanity’s most haunted town, Detroit.

But, to distill it into a single word, Her Dark Host is REAL.

That’s why Hold Fast is proud to present Her Dark Host’s first vinyl release – “Crimson Queen” b/w “Lycania”.

“Get in the Groove!”

There really is nothing like spinning some great tunes and dancing with your baby. It’s a simple idea, one often forgotten in the hurly-burly fast paced times we live.

That’s why Hold Fast is proud to present the latest single from Detroit’s DUENDE! – “Dance Party” b/w “Keep It Cool”.

“Dance Party” is based on a real event in the lives of two of the members of Duende! – singer/guitarist Jeff Howitt & drummer Laura Willem.

“Ladies, Gentlemen & Children of All Ages!”

Hold Fast Vinyl is honored to present to you M.C. Nightshade & the Theatre Bizarre Orchestra’s first release, Carpe Noctem.

This collaboration between David J. aka M.C. Nightshade (founder of Bauhaus & Love and Rockets) and some of the finest cabaret jazz musicians Detroit has to offer.